Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Cinnamon Roll Time!

Good Monday Morning!  It is a beautiful day in SW Virginia today.  Much welcome sunshine after a weekend of grey days and down pours.
Even though Saturday was HOT and HUMID, it was still rainy and it got me in the mood for some cinnamon rolls.  I like cinnamon rolls, any kind of cinnamon rolls, even those that come in a can or in the cellophane package in the bread department of the grocery store.  However, I LOVE homemade cinnamon rolls!  I have an old standby from a Southern Living Christmas cookbook from the eighties that I usually use, but decided to try something new.
I found this recipe on Pinterest and it linked me to the blog of The Hopeless Housewife and her recipe for Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls
These are the best cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted!  They have an apple pie filling in the middle!
Just follow the directions to a T.  I will admit I had a little frustration rolling these because the filling wanted to squirt out, but by lifting the dough up and over before the roll, I did finally get it rolled.
A little time consuming, but mostly rising time when you can be doing something else.
Honestly, these rolls are delicious. 
Cinnamon rolls with an apple pie filling and a cream cheese icing!  What a better way to end a rainy, drab Saturday.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Estate Sale Madness!

Good Tuesday Morning!  It is has been raining cats and dogs here is SW Virginia but today is looking much better.  I love to hear the rain on the roof at night, don't you?

Last Thursday my sister called and asked if I had seen the estate sale listed online with the Christmas elves and I hadn't because on their online listing you had to click the link to their website to see all the photos.  I almost hyperventilated when I saw all the Christmas stuff listed.  So I took the morning off from work and got to the estate sale 2 1/2 hours before it began and I was 1st in line!!  Y'all aren't going to believe the stuff I got.  It was a tiny little condo and they would only let 10 in at a time but it was packed!
Let's just talk about these elves!  I could see them through the window before the sale started and I was so giddy I was practically dancing at the door and bulldozed the poor man when he opened the door.  I took one arm and swooped them all into my bag!  I'm greedy like that when it comes to my elves!
This Santa head blow mold is gigantic!  It's probably 24" tall and I certainly couldn't leave reindeer standing beside candles behind!  They all light up and work perfectly!
This is actually called a punch bowl set because it is huge!  I can't tell you how cute this is in person!

Napco angel bells, still in their original box!

Little gnomes climbing a ladder to see the angel at the top,
Freaky, deaky, evil elves!
All manner of Christmas trims still in their original packaging!  Can't decide whether to open them and use them in crafts or just sell them still in original packaging.  Decisions, decisions.
Lots of Napco and Lefton figurines!  The lady on the left is a music box,
This is a sweet Valentine pair of Lefton girls.
Are these cut-outs the cutest ever!  I love the Snoopy ones.  Most of these are Hallmark.
Look what these gift trims do:
They pop up!  Oh my goodness why don't they make these anymore?
I loved this scarecrow with a honeycomb corn shock.
Christmas paper in the original package.  Do I dare use this??
Lots of honeycomb centerpieces by Hallmark!
Guess what this is?
A pop-up Christmas house!
Lots more Halloween cut-outs
These are all Easter honeycomb pieces.  How cute are they!!

Easter picks!  These are gorgeous in person.  I love the pastel colors.

Can't wait to craft with these.
And another box of vintage Christmas cards!  I love these old graphics.
I will admit, I spent a small fortune but look at all the wonderful goodies I found.  I will keep all the elves of course, but will probably put some of this on Ebay because I am running out of room to store all the vintage Christmas stuff that I own! 
In other news, the garden is about done for the year and what a great year it was!  Lot's of canning and freezing have been going on in the LBPsews household!  I am going to plant some kale, spinach and turnips for the fall but I don't can or freeze any of that so I guess I am done for the year.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Monday, August 04, 2014

Banner Party!

Good Monday morning!  I somehow think the term "Good Monday morning" is definitely as oxymoron.  What's good about Monday! 

Last weekend was my craft groups banner making party at my house and I had a ball!  It was so much fun to see what everyone made.  As always we had tons of delicious food for snacking on and I decorated a little for Halloween since we were making Fall/Halloween banners.
Here are some of my friends diligently working on the cut outs.
This lady decide to just make one large rosette with a scarecrow.  I love her tassel at the bottom.
This friend made this banner for her newly engaged son's home! 
This is my sister!  I love her banner with cats and owls and spooky things.

D decided to make hers vertical with an Autumn theme

J used a preprinted banner like the one I made and added her own touches.

Yours Truly went with rosettes and a Peanuts theme.
Did you spot my prized tree in the background?  That tacky, gaudy, wonderful electric blue tree?
Oh yeah!  With a few Halloween decorations on it.  I don't think I am going to keep it up until Halloween, 3 months is too long for a tree in the kitchen!
These are a few decorations I made for the tree.

I love this green witch

Hope you're not afraid of spiders!
I also made all the participants ribbon corsages in a Halloween/Fall theme and of course forgot to take a photo of them before I gave them out!  But on all the photos everyone is wearing them!
So here we are, such a refined group of ladies.
Or not!
I also made a couple of other Halloween decorations on Sunday.
Inspired by my friends large rosette, I made a Halloween one.  This is so much cuter in person, I stink at taking photos.
I am still deciding if I like the "Eeeeek" or not.  It's not glued on yet.
Isn't this the sweetest little witch spoolie?  I love making spoolies!
Did you have a fun weekend?  I sure hope so!