Monday, April 30, 2012

What a fun Weekend!

Good Monday Morning!  Only 4 more days until the weekend! 

This past weekend was really a fun one for me.  Saturday was our closest town's Dogwood Festival.  It was originally started over 50 years ago when the local high school band sold Dogwood trees to make money to buy band uniforms and has gradually been taken over by the town.

This year the dogwood trees bloomed 2 weeks early so there weren't any in bloom, but that's OK it was still fun.  There is a carnival, concerts, craft shows, food vendors, the crowning of Miss Dogwood Festival, a parade and a 5K run.

My friend Mary and I did the 5k!
I'm in the black jacket.  I finished a respectable 4th in my age group and Mary walked it as she had surgery but still finished 3rd in her group!

Here we go!  I hate the beginning of a race.  I go 50 feet and want to quit.  I really have to force myself to run for about at least a mile and then I'm usually ok.

Then on Sunday, Dear Husband and I got the convertible '67 Camaro out and went for a Sunday drive.

The wind blown look!

We ended up down at one of the Marina's to look at the gigantic carp that people feed popcorn.  Do you see all of them?  There are hundreds and hundreds.

I am planning on planting most of my garden this week after work.  I put in 13 tomato plants and 4 eggplants this weekend.  I love this time of year!
Monday Blessings,


Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Paper Dolls

Good Friday Morning!  It's a beautiful sunshiney day here is SW Virginia!  I am so excited, the carnival is in town and DH and I are headed there later tonight.  I don't like carnival rides anymore but I love the atmosphere! And the cotton candy!

I thought I would show you some more of the fun goodies that I bought last weekend at the estate sale.

When I was growing up my Aunt Clara would always buy me paper dolls when we would go out.  I had lots of them and played with them all the time at her house.  As a matter of fact, she saved them all and I still have them though they are very well loved and played with! (Read torn, ratty, marked on and well used!)

The lady whose estate sale I went to must have collected paper dolls because there were hundreds of them there!  Most of them never cut!

I bought these uncut Liddle Kiddles because I have some just like them that I played with.  I can't imagine any little girl not wanting to cut these out!
Remember Liddle Kiddles?
They came with props that you could cut out.  The Sizzly Friddle was my favorite!
There was also this Trixie Beldon paper doll, also uncut.  I have all the Trixie Beldon books from my girlhood.  I love the adventures of Trixie and Honey

She has some really cool clothes!

There was also this Magic Mary paper doll dated 1946

Her clothes have magnets attached and they stick to the dolls body!  I never had any like that.

This note was inside the dolls box.  She paid $10 in 1987.  I paid $5.00 last week.

I also got these Sweetheart dolls that have been played with,

But their clothes had not been cut out! Weird, who plays with the dolls and not the clothes?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I am running in a 5k tomorrow as our town's Dogwood Festival.  Wish me Luck, I'll need it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Good Monday Morning!  Winter has returned to Virginia. Brrrr...  We have gotten spoiled having much warmer than average weather and now it's colder than average and we are freezing! 

This weekend DH and I drove south to Winston-Salem, NC to just get away and to attend an estate sale that I had read about online.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and it had been awhile since just he and I had gotten away.

The estate sale had started on Thursday so there wasn't as much there as I had hoped but enough that I found some delightful treasures that I will be sharing with you this week and they were half price!

I got 10 of these adorable, bisque Frozen Charlotte dolls.  I really do love these quaint little dolls and they don't take up much room either
And they two little rubber babies riding in this pink plastic swan has just too sweet to pass up! 

This is a little paper book with the story of Red Riding Hood and is a advertisement for Red Riding Hood shoes for little girls.  It is dated 1911.

This is the weird thing.  The store that is being advertised was in our hometown!

I will share some more goodies later in the week!



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

Good Morning!  We are finally getting some much needed rain in SW Virginia today.  It has been soooo dry. 

Last Friday I noticed an ad in the local newspaper for a yard sale in the "not so great" section of town.  I hesitated about going because this area is notoriously crime ridden but I did a drive by first and decided it looked fine and boy an I glad I went!

Did I ever tell y'all that I was a majorette?  Yep!  From about age 6 through high school I twirled the baton and competed in various pageants and baton competitions and also marched with my high school band.  One of these days I will pull out some photos and post them.  I told you that to tell you this.  I collect all things majorette.  I have several dolls, figurines, etc..  so when I saw this old majorette hat I practically broke out in a sweat!
When I asked how much and she said $5.00 I almost jumped for joy!

I can't take pictures of me I don't even know why I try!
I also got a few other goodies:

An adorable vintage dress pattern in my size.  I love the blue one in the background.  It looks so fresh and cool.

This is a corsage!  How cute are those little spun head Santas?

I made try and open this package very carefully and take these out to use at Christmas time.  Shoot, I might even wear it!
And these next items are soooo cute I could just cry.  I wish I had found them before Easter, but they will be fun for next year.
a bunch of vintage Easter picks.

some still in their packaging.

These are my favorite.  Little broken eggs with chicks peeking out.

Total cost for this delicious haul???  $8.00!!!!
So glad yard sale season is here!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Gift from the Garden

Imagine my surpise when I went out to water the garden yesterday and saw just a glimpse of red peeking through the leaves.  Hmmm., I thought, surely they aren't big enough yet.  I just planted them on March 17.  I look a little closer.... they ARE ready! 
Absolutely delicious taste of spring!



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Past

Good Tuesday morning!  It is bright and sunny here in SW Virginia and is supposed to be about 71 degrees today.  The perfect spring day. 
How was every one's Easter?  I am so sad Easter is over.  It's my favorite holiday.  Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful but I was a little worried when I woke up and saw the sky like this.  But it quickly cleared off and the sun popped out.

Back inside I was excited to find that the Easter Bunny came!

These are Dear Husband and Yngwies baskets.

This is mine!

Yngwie's idea of humor... Did you see the movie HOP?  Then you will "get" this picture!

  Yngwie and I went to church but not to the sunrise service as we had planned.  We were just too lazy to get up!
Did you get a new Easter dress?  I made my skirt with the scalloped hem.  I really like how it turned out and it made up in about 2 hours!
After Church my Dad, Mother-in-law, sister and her fiance came down for lunch.  We always have way too much food.
After dinner we all went out and inspected my garden.  I am very disappointed in my potatoes.  I planted 50 lbs on March 17 and over half of them rotted in the ground!  I have no idea why, we haven't had a lot of rain and I didn't water them very often.

That's my dad.  Love him so much!
Hope everyone has a great week!


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Life 1953

In some of my ramblings around estate sales and flea markets, I keep a sharp eye out for old magazines.  I love being able to get a glimpse of what life was like in that era.  This past weekend as I was straightening my library out some, I ran across a Life magazine dated March 16, 1953.  On the cover was Stalin and Malenkov.  This was apparently also their Easter issue, though there is very little mention of Easter in the magazine other than a few ads.
I guess the only thing "Eastery" about this ad is that there is a bunny!  I guess the message is if you eat onions you need Pep-o-mint LifeSavers for fresh breath.  I actually love this illustraion and have saved it for a craft. 

New Mother-Daughter Easter dresses!  This illustration just makes my heart swoon!  I love their matching dresses, the Easter lillies in the background and the somewhat scary bunny on the floor.  I never see ads for fabrics anymore in magazines.  I guess people no longer have an interest in what their clothing is made from.

Judging from the expressions on Dad and Juniors face, these lovely ladies are making them late for church!  (check out Junior's outfit!)  But doesn't their hair look pretty!  It's because they use Woodbury Shampoo!  I wondered what happened to that brand so I went online and did some quick research.  Woodbury Soap was founded in 1870 by a dermatologist.  In the early 1900's they were bought out by Jergens and in 1936 they featured the first naked woman in an ad! 
And last but not least, here is a (delicious?!?!) meal that you could make during the Lenten season.
Tomato sauce with a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner in the center of it, surrounded by deviled eggs!  Yeah, I think I'll pass.  But I do love those bunny salt and pepper shakers!  This was one of only a few recipes in this magazine, but I guess Life wasn't really geared for the average housewife.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!