Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M.I.A., Disappeared, Vanished, etc.....

Just vanished right off the face of the Earth!!!  Not quite, but soooo busy with life! 

I have been sewing like crazy!!  I have no idea what has spurred this sewing binge but I am having fun!

I have made several items yet to be photographed, a 1950's play suit, a 1950's sun dress and jacket (still needs to be hemmed) a child's apron and chef's hat, etc.

I have also been teaching my 19 year old niece to sew and she is doing a great job.  We had "apron" day at my house a few weeks ago and me, my sister and my niece all made aprons.  This was her first project and she did a great job!
Then just before Easter I made two girl and boy Easter bunnies.  Well just the heads because they are Easter bunny pillows.  This was from a 1950's pattern I had in my stash.
Aren't they the cutest!
I have no idea why my text is suddenly centered.
Then I have also been doing this:
My greenhouse was a tremendous success this year!  I got it for Christmas and Dear Husband put it up in March.  I have over 100 tomatoes, hot peppers, green peppers, eggplant, brussel sprouts, herb and flowers.  Way more than it was built to hold, but they are all doing great.  I have already planted 46 tomatoes and probably 25 peppers in the garden.  The rest I am giving away to friends and family.  I am so glad this worked out.  I have been wanting to try it for years.  It feels so good to plant the things you have grown yourself from seed.
And this weekend we were doing this!  This is Yngwie's Senior Prom.  He and his date looked so handsome!  I can not believe my baby is a senior!   Only 30 more days of school left, then off to college this fall.  The years just flew by!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!