Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Bathing Suit Season!

Well, not really! It's 26 degrees here today with snow flurries, and wind gusts up to 6o miles per hour putting the wind chill at 16. WINTER, I AM SO OVER YOU!!!!
Now that little tamtrum is over let me show you Barbies new "vintage" bathing suit.

This was made from a 1964 McCalls Pattern. I love this suit! It is red polka dot lined with a red, white and blue print that I should have taken a photo of. It was suprising easy to put together considering how small it is.

I bought my self a bathing suit yesterday as well; however I can assure you that you will not see a picture of me with it on!! If you are looking for a nice, modest, well made swim suit head to your closest Sams Club. They are so cute and they have a really good selection right now! And for the record, I hate bathing suit shopping! I am fish belly white and my legs needed shaving. That is probably way more information than you needed.

This is up next for my sewing project. I have never made a Project Runway pattern before but love this tunic. I cut it out last night and it has a gazillion pieces! I have never seen a garment put together like this one.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Woeful tale of Edna the Elephant

Poor Edna! One of these days I am going to learn not to name things while they are being made because then they become personal and I feel responsible for what happens to them! Like Poor Edna.
I bought this really cute pattern about a month ago because I thought the little animals were so cute, the construction was easy and I could make some to sell and become rich and famous.
This may have happened if I had chosen the correct fabric. I bought a couple boxes of fabric this weekend at an estate sale and this blue and white stripe was begging to be Edna the Elephant, so I used it. BIG MISTAKE!!! This stuff raveled like you would not believe! I sewed poor Edna 3 or 4 times and she still kept unraveling. My first inclination was just throw the thing away and start over. But the problem was, I had already named her and had already put her eyes on. I could not throw away poor Edna. So, I quickly whipped up an apron for her to cover the spot on her belly that kept coming apart, added some suspenders to hide the raveling at the shoulders and stuck a flower of the ear that kept coming apart.
So now Poor Edna will live in my sewing room, while I try again with a more co-operative fabric. And next time I won't name the elephant or put eyes on until it is finished!!

Have a great day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Barbie Clothes

Good Morning! We are supposed to get get more snow today in SW VA! Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that Spring will be here in only 33 days? Doesn't she need to be practicing some warmer days right now??
With snow on the ground and temps hovering around 20, I have been getting alot of sewing done.
Last spring I bought this vintage Barbie pattern at an estate sale and I dug it out last weekend and decided that I would make every outfit in the pattern. Let me just say I had so much fun doing this!
This is the first one I made. A lovely Sunday go to meeting dress on green and red paisley print topped by a red jacket. The skirt is accented with a red ribbon and belt and bow at the neckline.This outfit is perfect for school or the office with a lime green and turquoise wool pleated skirt with matching scarf and a turquoise blouse.
If you need to run out at lunch to run some errands, you could just slip on this lime green seersucker coat with matching scarf.Tennis anyone? This ensemble includes blue and pink bermuda shorts with a matching hair bow and a button down the front pink and white blouse.When you get home just slip into your pink slacks and just to feminize your look some top them with a white blouse with accents of pink lace and a daisy decoration.You may want to take advantage of the cold weather by going skating! You will look sharp in the 3 piece skating outfit. The blouse of a mod pink/orange/white design with matching panties looks lovely with the pink shirt lined with pink and white polka dots.
Headed out to the Valentine Ball? You will look stunning in this silver and black ball gown. (although she doesn't look to happy about going!)

And look what my son gave me for Valentines Day!!! A vintage Barbie case! Just perfect for storing these vintage clothes in.

Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Big Ears!!

Last month I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday and received some wonderful gifts from my friends and family. I seem to have started yet another collection of these big eared mice people! I already had two, a Santa mouse and a red and white cheerleader and dear son and husband got me two more for my birthday!
This one is a orange and blue cheerleader.
And I'm thinking that this may be Mrs. Santa. I love her little glasses! I also got this really cool "Big Boy" doll bank. He was the mascot of the Big Boy restaurants that we used to have when I was growing up. I love a Big Boy burger! And technically, no he does not have big ears.

But this guy does have big ears!Check out this elf/pixie cup or vase or whatever it is! Everyone except me thinks he hideous! I love him. On the bottom it says Aunt Rose, 1948. I think Aunt Rose and I have very good taste. The dog beside him has pretty big ears too. He is part of a salt and pepper set that used to come in bags of Ken-L-Ration dog food.

I have been doing alot of crafting and sewing and haven't gotten around to photographing it all but I want to show you a doll that I dressed and I totally stole my idea from Magpie Ethel, so I give her all the credit for this. (although hers in MUCH better than mine!) and she will not be sold or given away. She is for my personal enjoyment only!

I found the Kewpie doll a couple of weeks ago at the thrift store and with a little paper, fabric and trim, she has become my valentine baby! Don't kewpies have the sweetest faces ever??

We are getting ready for round 3 of snow this week! We had 18" a couple of weeks before Christmas, another 12" last Friday and Saturday, and they are calling for even more this Friday! I am sooooo ready for spring!

Have a great day!