Monday, June 09, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

We are sweltering here in SW Virginia this week! Yesterday our house thermometer hit 100 degrees! We should start cooling down to 86 degrees on Wednesday. Cool being the relative word here.
Saturday day I decided to go to a church yard sale I had seen advertised in the paper. I love church yard sales, they are the best! I got there just as the doors opened and it was fantastic! They were very organized with all the toys in one area, books in another, kitchen ware, vases, holidays, you name it! I bought some really fun stuff!
I love these Santa face mugs! The eye that is open is holographic, it blinks when you move the cup, and look at that cute doughnut cutter. Doughnuts are on my list of things to make this week! The mugs were .50 for all 4 and the doughnut cutter was .25

I got two boxes of these pear shaped gold glass ornaments from the 1950's. They were .50 for both boxes The three Barbies I got for my friends daughter were .50 each. In the background there is an adorable snowman .25 and that aqua blue little dish says "Cameo" on the bottom was .25 as well.

This sweet flower arrangement in a willow basket for .50 It looks perfect in my bedroom.
This was my favorite! Look at the faces on these carolers! I got all four for .50!
I should have washed this before photographing it, but I'm lazy like that! This is a hand blown glass vase with a cobalt blue edge. Perfect for my cobalt blue and white kitchen! Price .25!
This vase is not crooked, my photo is! This pretty green vase has no markings on the bottom but it is such a pretty shape that for .25 I couldn't resist.
Isn't she pretty and quaint? I don't think she is very old, but I loved her face and her handmade dress and bonnet and for 3.00 she came home with me.
This was the most interesting thing I bought. It is some kind of pear shaped pewter spoon. Maybe a fruit spoon? Anyway, it was some stones inlaid in the handle and there is some damage to the handle. But the conversation I had with one of the sale workers was this.
Me: Do you know what this is?
Worker: No I have no idea.
Me: Neither do I, how much is it?
Worker: I don't know, how about free
Me: Sounds like a bargain.
So yes, I bought something that I have no idea what is.
I also bought three cookbooks, $1.00 each, a book of Victorian stickers for .25 and an electric guitar for $10.00. Which I forgot to photograph. Yngwie and friends had fun playing the guitar Saturday night and proclaimed it to be awesome!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Andrea said...

Wow, you got some bargains.

It is supposed to get up to 94 here in Georgia. It was hot yesterday getting up into the mid 90's. being south of you it looks like we would be even hotter than you. I cannot stand high 90's and 100 degree weather. Well, actually I do not like 90's at all. I am an 70's and 80's kind of gal. ;)

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

It's juat as hot up here in MA -ugh! And not everyplace up here has a/c so that's no fun. So glad I do.

Love the mugs - I remember drinking eg nog out of some very much like those - on MUCH cooler days! LOL

Stay cool, hugs, Linda

Joy for the Journey said...

Linda, you can't be free! Sounds fun - glad you got leave happy :) Thanks for stopping by!

Hummingbird Chats said...

The heat has been a killer. I finally made DH turn on the AC. I love the santa mugs. DD and I went to the goodwill in Altavista and they had a bunch of santas. I almost went home with them all.
Still cool and safe. Katie

nancy said...

You got a LOT of good things. I really like that little dish. I like the aqua color and the interesting shape/design.