Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekend Fun

Last night my beautiful and intelligent niece Bec graduated from high school! I just can't hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday she climbed on that bus leaving for the first day of kindergarden. She is the in right corner with the bubbles. At the reception following the graduation, guests blew bubbles at the grads as they came into the reception area! There in the middle is she and I being silly!

My flowers are in full bloom! I love this time of year! Except that it is 98 degrees here today. The heat is expected for the next week. We are breaking records every day. Thank goodness for the pool, the lake, and the air conditioner!

I went to a great yard sale today in the city in a beautiful old church and got some fantastic buys! You know, things I couldn't possibly live without! I haven't taken any photos of them yet, but I will get them up sometime this week.

Hope everyone stays cool!




Andrea said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your niece. A great accomplishment. And yes, they do grow up way too fast. Your flowers are all gorgeous.

Kelli said...

Congratulations to your niece, Linda! I love your beautiful flower collage, I'm glad they are surviving this heat. I can't wait to see your garage sale finds!

nancy said...

Your blog just gets better and better. I haven't done one of those collages. It is beautiful. Congratulations to Bec.

Susie said...

Your photo collage is beautiful.
June is certainly the month for graduations and weddings here in blogland! Congratulations to your niece!