Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Halloween Town at my House!

Good Wednesday afternoon!  Beautiful, fall day in SW Virginia!

Well the Halloween decorating is done!  I had a ball putting up my trees ( yes plural) and all my scary, silly, and fun Halloween what nots in my cabinet.

This is tree number 2.  It is just a small tabletop tree but I love it!
My newest banner says Trick or Treat and fits perfectly under my plate rack in the kitchen.
My mantle in the Living room with the Halloween banner I made several years ago.  I see that spooky elf Sparkley peeking out, do you?
This is the decorations on the island in the Kitchen.  Don't you just love that little Lefton Halloween planter?  It is one of my favorite Halloween decorations!
Of course the buffet is decked out with all manner of Halloween as well.  See that fold out Haunted House in the middle?  I got that in the 2nd grade (1967) for finding the most hidden cardboard pumpkins in our room.  You want to know a secret?  I cheated!  I wanted the house so bad I pretended to close my eyes and watched the teacher hide them.  I still feel just a tad ashamed every year when I put it out but I wanted it soooo bad.  I had never seen anything like it and HAD to own it!  It's been 47 years now, wonder if I will ever get over it?
Mr. Scarecrow with his honeycomb fold out hay chock.
And finally the famous "Happy Cabinet"
The first shelf is all my Halloween Peanut characters!  I Love Peanuts!
The 2nd shelf is my Halloween village with a couple of overgrown guests in the back!
Shelf 3 contains some vintage Halloween noise makers, some characters that I have made, some Mary Moos, etc.  I just bought that awesome skull at The Rescue Mission Thrift store last week! 
And finally shelf 4 contains all my Halloween dolls. 
She is my latest creation.  She came filthy from the Goodwill is a ragged old dress.  Now she is the Belle of the Halloween Ball.
This weekend my Crafty Friends will be back at my house for some wreath making and pumpkin painting.  I can hardly wait!  We have so much fun and laugh so much my sides hurt the next day!


Debby said...

Very cute and really spooky.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I love your cheating story! I smiled when reading how you pretended to close your eyes so that you could watch your teacher hide pumpkins. Love all your marvelous decorations. I can't get enough Halloween and it warms my heart to find another person to share this obsession. Your peanut collections are wonderful! Josie has been begging me to get mine out.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Love all your spooky sweet decorations Linda. Two trees? :) Your peanuts gang is adorable. Love your banners too. I'd better get decorating.

Shirley Hatfield said...

Wow! A lot of Halloween fun! I have one of those honeycomb scarecrows. They are from 1950 and depending on condition are worth as much as $35. Yours looks great!

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh- You have wonderful collections going on htere, Linda. Reeallllly cute!!!! Love it and it is SPOOKTACULAR!!! xo Diana

Unknown said...

Love all of this Halloween fun! So many fun things! I love how you decorate....:)

vintage grey said...

Sweet Halloween treasures and decorations!! So fun!! xo Heather

Margaret said...

What great collections! It all looks so Halloweenish and terrific! Love the Peanuts collection! Maggie

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Linda, you have created a fabulously festive Halloween display! Love the happy cabinet. The story of the fold out cardboard house made me laugh. I think admitting you cheated is all the good Lord needed to hear. lol! I have a fold out church scene like that I display for Easter. I bought it at an estate sale and love it! I will just be switching my Fall out for Halloween this week. Love all of yours!

Lady Linda said...

Hi Linda...oh how fun. You have gone to a lot of work. I love your banner. Looks like you have had a lot of fun lately.

Patti said...

Oh my, I love your banners! So fun. Hop over when you can and see the cute pictures I posted of the wonderful FALL treats you sent my way! Thaaaaaaaank you!